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 1992 study found that a 30-minute back massage given daily for five days reduced anxiety of hospitalized and depressed patients.

Massage can decrease cortisol levels  - which reduces stress, anxiety, pain and muscle tension.

Cortisol is known to cause stress.

Decreasing cortisol can help reduce stress. While undergoing massage therapy clients significantly reduced cortisol and increased serotonin and dopamine = improvement in psychological well-being.

A benefit of bodywork: it can quell trigger sensations while working with qualified professionals (social workers, therapists, mental health practitioners, etc.) on issues. This way it is possible to get closer to the root causes – instead of having physical sensations causing us to guard, avoid, or protect.

* Self-care is essential! Please reach out for professional support as needed. Click here for additional  Recommendations. <<

To partake in the 
5  1/2 hour sessions
for $250.00 *
 Fee paid in advance
Sessions must be used consecutively 
Appointments scheduled at the time of purchase 
For the purpose/intention of this package, sessions are for one individual

* Price/Package subject to change

Massage is a non-pharmacologic intervention offering long and short term benefits. It simply feels good! 

Overall quality of life is improved by reducing pain and improving sleep quality - deeper, more satisfying/effective rest.

It's a great tool to relieve pain and stress - and helps to establish healthy coping skills.

Feels good => relaxed => outlook on life tends to improve, which can lead to the improved perceptions of happiness and contentment and decreased levels of stress.

Self-care is essential!

Please reach out for professional support as needed.

Click here for additional  Recommendations. <<