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Student Issues

 Suicide      Bullying      Pressure to Fit In      Pressure to Succeed

America Sees Alarming Spike in Middle School Suicide Rate

As a parent - hell, as a human being - it is heartbreaking to read this

Our children deserve better... we all do.

“Researchers, educators and psychologists say several factors - increased pressure on students to achieve academically, more economic uncertainty, increased fear of terrorism and social media - are behind the rise in suicides among the young.” 

Beyond this, there’s the amped up bully factor. I can’t think of one person that has not, in one way or another, been outright bullied. It seems to be the norm these days, to have no ceilings and no floors. Hiding, in safe havens behind social media buttons, are the cruel and thoughtless. As if there is no human heart on the other side receiving the intentionally hurtful commentary... 

We must all learn to be kinder. Learn to get our points across without tearing souls apart. 


The Mayo Clinic shares this list ->  What are the warning signs that a teen might be suicidal?  

“Always err on the side of asking the question,” Flatt said. “And don’t accept their first answer that everything is fine, especially if they are acting differently.”

“If you already think nobody loves you or cares, and then nobody asks if you’re okay, that just reinforces what they’re thinking,"

Small Towns Face Rising Suicide Rates as well. 

How to help when you can’t help?


Lead the way out of darkness.

Show. Shine. Do.

Be the inspiration. 

The example.

Overflow with so much growth, positivity, opportunities, that everyone around you is drenched with the excess.

By establishing reasonable boundaries, you can serve as a role model for others to follow suit.


Healthy self-care is important, not only for yourself, but to illustrate.  

Please visit Stress, Anxiety & Depression and the Index/Articles page for more information.

ADHD         Focus          Attention        Sleep

Having a loved-one with ADHD has provided first hand experience. Literally

Indeed, Massage helped with focus, attention, reduced fidgeting, and improved overall calmness and happiness. Sleep was not only deeper, it was longer and more fulfilling. It all added up to a more contented child, and one that was more able to focus on schoolwork. 


But please, don't just take my word for it. Here are a few links to get you started on your research.


Helping Children Find Focus - Massage Calms ADHD Kids


A Hands on Approach for Pediatric ADHD


ADHD: Why Massage Works

Massage therapy improves mood and behavior of students with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

Adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder benefit from massage therapy.


Treating ADHD with Massage Therapy 

The following article, Right Brain Learning - The Opportunity for Professional Massage Therapists, is geared towards the Licensed Massage Therapist. That said, it is worth the read. Here are a few noteworthy snippets:

“touch is a critical component in the child’s brain development”

“The Touch Research Institute actively examined the effects of massage therapy on children with ADD and ADHD abnormalities. The study conducted by Khilnani et al., (2003) showed that massage therapy helped “students with ADHD by improving short-term mood state and longer-term classroom behavior.” Similar results were obtained earlier by Field et al., (1998). Among other benefits-massage therapy reduces anxiety and enhances EEG patterns and math computations. Adolescents with ADD benefit from massage therapy by decreasing stress and anxiety level.”


“The Peaceful Touch program developed at the Axelsons Institute in Sweden is currently used by 10,000 trained teachers and it affects almost 300,000 Swedish children. This program showed that massage decreases the level of aggression, anxiety and stress in children and allows them to function better in groups. (http://www.axelsons.com/peaceful-touch.php)”

“As the Touch Research Institute showed, massage decreases the level of the stress-related hormone cortisol and stimulates the production of endorphins or the hormones of happiness. These hormones influences the formation of the Rewards Pathways in the growing brain, thus building the foundation for proper mental, emotional, spiritual and physical development.”

Stress          Anxiety          Depression        Anger

Massage is a healthy coping option,

which can alleviate fallout,

and bring you closer to overall well-being.


Think cause and effect. 

There are consequences to everything... 

You can choose how you cope.

The Physical Fallout of AngerHigh blood pressuregastrointestinal issuesmuscle tension/painweight gainpremature aging... just to name a few. 



Please visit Stress, Anxiety & Depression and the Index/Articles page for more information.


1992 study found that a 30-minute back massage given daily for five days reduced anxiety of hospitalized and depressed children.

Massage Can Reduce Symptoms of Depression

 Effects of Stress on Mood: anxiety, lack of focus or difficulty concentrating, lack of motivation, irritability, edginess, or frustration, anger, feelings of sadness or depression, panic attacks, feeling overly guilty or nervous

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