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How to Deal with Holiday Stress

Feeling STRESS and anxiety during the HOLIDAYS?


A few quick tips on what to do:

  • PLAN AHEAD. I’m not referring to food, although that is helpful. I am speaking about yourSelf. (Yes! Self.) Take note of the conversations or situations that may trigger anxiety, and work them out in your mind ahead of time. Difficult topic matter? What answers would be helpful to defuse tension, and have everyone walk away relatively unscathed?
  • FIND A SAFE SPACE. It is perfectly acceptable to take a few minutes to yourSelf. Get comfortable saying, “I’m going to step away for a minute.” You may only need a few breaths to recalibrate, then go back.
  • DELEGATE. Acknowledge what you CAN do, or WANT to do, and what you know you can’t do, or don’t want to do. Give yourSelf the time needed to decide. Say “No” to what does not work.
  • CREATE A SAFE WORD. By having an understanding with your loved one, you can gracefully leave if a situation gets too much for you. We are so worried about hurting other people’s feelings, but people that are going to talk about you, are going to anyway. Excuse yourself. It isn’t worth the anxiety. Drive your own car and leave if you need to. Never feel stuck where it doesn't serve you.

Harness your Holidays by being prepared - come up with answers and have an action plan beforehand.

Preparedness is also key when it comes to managing the damaging effects of stress. Understanding the framework of our body, gives insight to how and why specific tools and techniques reduce the negative sensations and symptoms we often experience.