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Illnesses have found the humans. Ugh!

For those not yet affected, we can feel the lurking anticipation. Cooties everywhere. (I joke, but some of the cold/viruses are beyond scary!)


So.... I'm sharing my #1 go-to in my prevention bag of tricks... Garlic! It's nature's antibiotic.


The benefits can be googled - from lowered blood pressure to super immune boosting anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

Tastes amazing. Super simple. Super effective.


Roasted with olive oil, thyme, dill, salt and pepper - it softens to a paste, which can be spread on toast (Yum!) mushed in mashed potatoes (YUM!), soups, any and every thing you want... I love it on its own.


If we all start roasting/eating, maybe those cooties will get the message they are not welcome! We may not be able to glass dome our homes, but a hefty garlic aroma cloud could suffice. (Or at the very least keep us from being able to smell each other over our own garlicky selves. Lol)


Seriously. Works great!! There's also odorless pills available. (Can't very well massage wreaking of garlic... Have a stash in my house at all times.)