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Hands-on Therapy is just part of Human Kneads!

Years of experience = a billion bits of information!
Available to YOU.

Customize to meet YOUR Goal

Treat an Ailment ~ Stress Less ~ Lift your Mood or lift your Face!

YOU decide...

Session Includes:
Initial Intake, Assessment, Treatment Plan, Virtual Appointments, 
Follow-up's, Summary, Outline of Recommendations, Email/Text Support.


My goal is to simplify, educate, and put you on a solid path towards
Health and Well-Being.

Overall Health
& Well-Being
What Ails YOU? 
Pain in the Neck? 
Back Pain? 
Postural Issues?
TMJ, Headaches?

Stress Less!
Would you like to learn strategies you can use to stress less AND feel better? Now!
And help your loved ones do the same?
Don't miss out on these essential tools for life. 
Personal Instruction
Stress, Anxiety & Your Secret 2nd Brain Presentation

Improve your mood and lift your spirits.  
Enhance your appearance and perk-up your face. 
Boost your Self-Esteem. 
Learn facial exercises to benefit all this!