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Nancy Hagenmayer Lopez
New York State Licensed Massage Therapist

~ In Practice since 1991 ~

Why/How Massage Works?

Let's keep it real basic.

Picture a soapy sponge. Put it in a sink of clean water. Push down on it, the soap squeezes out. When your hand is taken off, clean water is sucked in. Do this a number of times and eventually you have a clean sponge.

Now let's look at muscle. I don't care what kind of athlete you happen to be, competitive, recreational, or industrial, if you're alive, you're using muscles. Various toxins accumulate. Muscles tighten restricting blood flow. This, in turn, causes aches and pains, or worse yet, injury.

Massage releases the build up in tissues, much like pressing on the sponge. The pressure on the muscle, moves the toxins out, and when the pressure is released, fresh blood moves in.

With the toxic dams removed, blood can flow freely. With the fullest flow of blood available, many muscle 'by products,' such as Lactic Acid and so on, are whisked away in the newly opened river. This free flow allows fresh nutrients and oxygen-rich blood to flood the area. This is necessary for the muscle to be at its fullest potential.

So back to 'Why Massage?'

With Massage:

  • Muscles are relaxed, softened, stretched, and soothed
  • Toxins are released from muscles
  • Circulation increases in released tissue
  • Muscles are oxygen enriched
  • Range of motion is improved
  • Joint flexibility is greater
  • Healing time is faster
  • The risk of injury is reduced
  • Swelling and inflammation are reduced
  • Endorphin's, one of the body's natural painkillers, are increased
  • The immune system is strengthened
  • Healthier muscles and skin are created
  • Posture is improved
  • Breathing is deeper and easier
  • Mental stress is reduced, creating a calmer mind

Massage Promotes Overall Good Health!