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I am an AMAZING human being!

* Although I am not hosting classes at this time, I am opting to keep this information available. You never know... Wink 

I have always wanted to put together a class about the human body. I love to describe and inform in a simple and animated way. You may laugh at me, but you leave understanding.
I am offering a hands on, non-scary, discovery class specifically for kids, that teaches about the wonders of being an AMAZING human being!  


I am an AMAZING human being! Workshop for Kids


Each and every person should be able to look at themselves in the mirror and say
"I am an AMAZING human being!" ...and mean it!
~ Nancy 

Check out,

or maybe I should say Eyeball the 

I am an AMAZINhuman being! Blog


Simple Approaches that teach about the human body.
Enjoyable for All !!
Super Kid-Friendly!
The human body is magnifcent!
Come discover the wonders of being an AMAZING human being.

Workshop Topics Include
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Brain ~ and more...

Down to the Bare Bones

Why do we have bones?  Are bones alive? 

How many bones do you have?     

Make a model of a bone.  

Lots of bones to view.

No Bones about it! We need Bones.

 Body proportions. 

Effects of soda on bone.   

Revisit the importance of calcium. 

Spinal ‘Disc’overy

Your own personal backbone.  

Disorder(s) of joints.

Spine project.  

Lots of new bones/joints to explore.

Have a Heart... and some blood too!

Is our heart really the shape of a 

Valentines Heart?

Why is our blood so important?  

How does blood move around?

What happens when we get cut?  

Is our blood really red?

Meet the WBC Mob

 Cells, cells and more cells.

Dive in further... get a closer view.  

Learn about disorders and the ‘soldiers’ that keep us healthy. 

Make a model of a cell.

Suck it up. Time to meet the Twins

If our Lungs are passive organs, 

meaning they can't move by themselves,

 then how do we breathe?   

Do we really need our Lungs to talk?

What happens when your diaphragm 

is spastic?!

 Eye have a Vision

Identify the parts of the Eye.

Blind spots, illusions, color blind... oh my.

Great eye project!

The Long and Winding Road

What happens to the food we eat?  

Is there really hair inside our body?

How can Digestion begin 

before I have even eaten?

Hear ye, hear ye. Now Hear This.

Have you ever spun around until you were so dizzy you couldn't stand? 

What happens when you stop spinning?

Are you still dizzy, or does the dizziness 

stop right away?

Learn what happens to your body in this class!

How does sound travel?  

What does the Doctor see when he/she looks in my Ear?

The Workshop where you 

learn all about YOU!

Enjoyable for All. Super Kid-Friendly.

Adults/Parents are more than welcome. 

It’s a no-Brainer - I am AMAZING

How big is your brain?

Learn about Voluntary Actions verses Involuntary Reflex Actions.

If we use our Brain to think... 

Do we need to think to use our Brain?

It’s time to put on your Thinking Cap.  

Mind your MIND!

Project time for your Brain!

Girl Scouts / Boy Scouts

Welcomed!  Call for Group Rates

Foot in mouthHave a group for a class? 
Feel free to contact me to arrange your own workshop dates.

Need a good reason for a Workshop?
Every Month has a new health related theme.
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I will always do my best to provide the most accurate information possible.  

If I do not know the answer to a question, I will find out.  
If I cannot find out, I will say so.

 Please understand I am a Massage Therapist, not a Doctor.

Any information exchanged is educational in nature 
and intended to help you become more familiar and conscious of your Body.  
Of course, it is to be used at your own discretion.