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February 2, 2008

It was Saturday morning. I had to leave for work. My daughter, Charlee, was already off to her Saturday classes. Frank, and Alex, were still home.

I don’t know what struck them this morning - but I am glad they were struck!

As I was getting my coat on, Alex who was sitting at the table finishing his breakfast, said "I love you Mommy" He then proceeded to stuff another bite into his mouth.

Frank was sitting with his coffee in the livingroom. He heard Alex, and called out to me "I love you more" Alex laughed at the challenge, tried to swallow his food to banter back, but couldn’t fast enough. So he shook his head and muttered, with food in mouth, a recant to Frank. He pointed to his chest indicating that it was he that loved me more...

I chuckled as I headed towards the door. "I love you both". As I walked to the car, I heard tapping on the window. There was Alex, trying to get my attention. He had the biggest smile on his face, was mouthing ‘I love you", all while waving his hands in sign language I love you’s.

I waved back the same... and as I did... I saw Alex abruptly disappear from the window. His body jerked so strongly that the top of his head and ruffled hair was all that was seen as he disappeared. The next thing I saw in the window was Frank, my grown up child, otherwise known as my husband. He was now at the window doing the same as Alex. Pointing to his chest and waving I love you signs claiming he loved me more.

No sooner did he get the stage... and Alex with all his might hip checked his father out of the way of the window. Frank went flying. Alex was now back in the window - actually plastered to the window like a bug - with a huge smile, once again reclaiming his I love you more status.

Frank was back again - now clearly laughing about how his 11 year old son was able to check him - he continued the rebuttal, this time standing his ground. Alex was behind him, beside him, in back of him... pushing... pulling... and jumping to be seen. They were in a battle for the window and my attention... I was hoping the window could withstand the assault.

Alex gave up trying to remove Frank. Daddy was prepared now and not moving... Alex opened the front door and ran out into the cold. Still smiling and now red faced from the battle, he yelled out "Me, Mommy, I love you more!" He was pounding his chest to emphasize.

Frank by now was just leaning on the window sill, glad that his son relinquished the stage. He was a bit red faced too. They both were signing I love you’s as I drove away.

I laughed the entire drive to work. I smiled the whole day, in fact, I am still smiling.

So my message to you, so perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day...

Be thankful for your loved ones!!!! Whether the love of a parent, a child, or a friend... whoever...
This is what life is about.  Those warm fuzzy feelings.

Be a kid again, be raw, be real, be goofy, jump for joy for the one you love. It won’t go unnoticed! Make sure that you express yourself. It does not cost a thing, and yet is the most valuable thing we have to offer to the people we care about.