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The proverbial boy next door... otherwise known as Colin. He is a mere 5 years old and yet a little gentleman. Especially to Charlee. And boy does she play on it.

Colin has brown hair, big doe eyes, a skinny little body, and he likes to wear costumes. Spider man, Batman, top hats, you name it. As of late its been a brown cape... I’m not sure who he is. Maybe Robin Hood. This is right up Charlee’s alley. She, too, loves the dress up scene. Cinderella with glass slippers and all. The ‘Hawaiian girl’ with the hula skirt and belly showing. And the Princess with the pointed hat that has veils hanging half way down her back...

She walks around the house all dolled up. She has a slew of dress-up shoes, or as she calls them ‘slippers’, to choose from. With each step she takes we hear the click of one foot, the clunk of the other, and the slap of the shoes striking the soles of her feet. Much like the flip flop sound you hear when going to the beach. Ever notice all those people walking the boardwalk. Flip flop slap, flip flop slap... Well in my house its click, clunk, slap. And when she hits the slate kitchen floor, just amplify the click clunk.

Charlee Anna

So here are these two little beauties Colin-hood and Princess Charlee. They follow each other all over the place. Charlee has informed me on many occasions that she was going over to Colin’s house. Unfortunately, she does this as she is halfway out the door. It doesn’t matter if Colin is not home... she insists on going anyway. As far as she is concerned, I do not know what I am talking about, "he’s always home!" I am constantly checking the lock on the front door and making sure the side gate is closed. Charlee is on a ‘Colin mission’ and I fear I have an escapee in the making...

Colin monitors Charlee’s every move. I wonder if the fact that you can see Charlee’s Dora underwear through all of her outfits has any bearing on this... If she needs a hand to get up after falling... he is there. A hand to hold coming down the stairs, or off the deck... he is there. No one is aloud to chase her during tag games. Charlee doesn’t get the concept of tag. She just knows someone is chasing her and it is dam hard to run in heels... Getting wet is out of the question, even if she is in a bathing suit. A girl can’t look glamourous if there is water dripping off her nose. So the rule is, ‘no squirting Charlee’...per Colin! He even helps her put on her ‘slippers.’ How cute it is to see him kneeling down to help, while she holds his shoulders for support.



We recently had a traumatic experience. The side door caught on Charlee’s new Princess dress and ripped it. She was very upset! She stood at my feet reprimanding me about fixing the door and the dress immediately! Colin witnessed this event. The next time Charlee had to go into the house, Colin had a logical solution. She barely had her hand on the handle and Colin quickly stopped playing ball with Alex, calling to her, "Wait, Charlee, let me open the door for you so you don’t rip your dress!!" He ran to the door to open it... Alex, needless to say, was, and is, very perplexed by the recent shift in behavior of his friend. Stop playing ball to help Charlee... it does not compute. He has taken on Daddy’s behavior of rolling eyeballs and huffing.

I was standing at the kitchen sink listening to this take place. I stood there thinking ‘What happen’s to us when we get old?!’ I barely get a door opened for me! No one holds my hand, or fixes my ‘slippers’!? Maybe I should consider buying a couple of outfits!?  Some where you can see my underwear... Maybe it has something to do with Dora... Every damsel should have a doting prince like Colin. Maybe even one that likes to wear costumes....

Now the finale, the straw that prompted me to journal this romance. While barbequing at my apparent future in-laws, I peeked around the corner of the house, to the ‘hidden side’ of the yard. I hadn’t seen or heard the kids in too long. There was Charlee laying on the ground, Colin is hovering over her. Apparently, he had just finished kissing her, just as the prince does in Sleeping Beauty. Charlee continued to lay there. Colin kept looking down at her. She kept pretending to be asleep. Finally Colin blurted "YOUR SUPPOSED TO WAKE UP!" Charlee opened her eyes and laughed. I guess I have to get her the movie. Otherwise there will be a lot of useless kissing going on ... and we can’t have that, can we?!

We wonder what the future holds for these two little darlings, especially when it comes to costumes. What is going to happen when Dora and Elmo undergarments become old news? Daddy is forecasting a costume shop, and an elaborate wedding. I don’t know what the future holds... for now, I’ll just sit back enjoy the show. Besides, I’m too busy trying to find Dora underwear in my size...

Later ~ Lots of Love