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Work should be the forefront... but I just hung up the phone feeling disheartened again.

The shelter must get a zillions calls from new pet owners. All vying for assistance for one thing or another... this, however, was not one thing or another.  This was life or death.

It is 3 a.m. Toots is still gagging and having difficulty. This situation is beyond what I can offer her for help.

Charlee and I were racing home as fast as we safely could. I had only one client and then some food shopping, necessary if we wanted to eat anything for dinner. We never got in and out a supermarket so fast.


Hi dad...


It is a sad day in the Lopez household.

Even after this -> Charlee's Hospital Stay

Alex has been wanting a pet. ‘Something with legs and fur.’ I guess fish were no longer filling the ‘we have pets’ requirements.

Into the realm of relaxation. Away from the city noise and rush, no work, no chores....

ahhhhh bliss.

My first request to write a story. From, might I add, a very important person. My son. It is now my responsibility to document the life of ‘Mary’.... Here it goes....

Many months ago, I believe it was September, Alex burst in the front door

Mother Earth is having a party.

She has washed the lands with her rains and pallet......

"MOMMY!" I ran to her immediately, worried by the tone in her voice...

I don’t know what struck them this morning - but I am glad they were struck!


Why did the dog bite? 
Oh, this is just not right!

The beauty of a sleeping child can not be surpassed. A tiny body taking up less space in the bed than normal... hair tousled about, with merely an eye peaking out... warmth, softness, gentle breathing... It is all so perfect. How could I wake this child? Whywould I wake this child?!

Ok - in line with my loving, caring, extremely sensitive, bla, bla, bla, son.....

He burst into the house Thursday after school. Very distraught, crying, and ranting about a bird with a broken wing. He begged, and begged, for us to go and get this bird and nurse it back to health.

I - rotten mother that I am - have decided that I have got to start saying ‘no’ to the onslaught of chores and things to do!


The proverbial boy next door... otherwise known as Colin. He is a mere 5 years old and yet a little gentleman. Especially to Charlee. And boy does she play on it.

Colin has brown hair, big doe eyes, a skinny little body, and he likes to wear costumes. Spider man, Batman, top hats, you name it.


Well I am sitting to write this for the 6th time. Somehow it deletes when I try to save it.

Hopefully I get it right this time... otherwise this computer is going to be renamed target and is going to the range.....

My first big blunder with the Internet was while paying bills on line. I paid my mortgage. That went fine until I tried to review what I did and repaid it a second time. Then when I tried to correct it and... I paid it a third time!?#/*:( It was easy enough to correct. The hard part was getting a quiet moment without someone bugging me. That got easy real fast too. There was still lots of noise and yelling - however this time it was me. Needless to say, the room cleared rather quickly.