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The beauty of a sleeping child can not be surpassed. A tiny body taking up less space in the bed than normal... hair tousled about, with merely an eye peaking out... warmth, softness, gentle breathing... It is all so perfect. How could I wake this child? Why would I wake this child?! She is only going to make noise and requests!! Yet this is what I have to do, since her requirement in life is school, and mine is work.

I laid down beside her, make that around her, snuggling and hugging her ever so gentle. I wanted to coax her awake, as to not stir the savage beast that may be lurking. Yes... it’s there. I know, I’ve seen it first hand.

She did not react to my snuggles... I needed to step it up. I whispered ‘Good morning sunshine, you gorgeous thing, it’s time to wake up." Then in a little singing chant I said " I looovve yooou" Still nothing stirred. I couldn’t do it. I carefully got out of the bed and made the conscious decision that this morning we would be late.

As I made my second cup of coffee a little person appeared. All sleepy eyed and wobbly. I picked her up and headed for the couch. She buried her head into my chest as if to go back to sleep. I rubbed her back to try to coax her awake. "Hey, sleepy head? Did you feel Mommy snuggling you this morning?" She nodded her head. "Did you hear me tell you ‘I looovve yooou’?" She nodded her head again, looked up and said in a quiet sleepy voice ‘I was smiling all over. Here and here..." pointing to her heart and head. Then she waved her hand in a circular motion around her face and said... "Just only not on my face" With that she smiled and gave the best morning hug ever.

What a great way to start the day! Who cares if we are late!