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Workshop Testimonial Letters

"I think if people knew more about the workings of the human body, they would take better care of themselves."  "...she impressed me with her knowledge of human anatomy and musculoskeletal injuries..."  more
Dr. Mark L. Taff
Forensic Pathologist / M.D.

"Informative and interesting"  "You made the class fun and easy, and as a result, they earned the My Body Try-Its patch, and Asthma Awareness patch."  more 
Suzanne Coppersmith
Brownie Leader
Troop 2103 

"...one of the most knowledgeable people that I have ever come across." more
Danielle Tucker

"She is a caring and dedicated person."  "She is bright, articulate and enthusiastic... a sincere professional." more
Dawn Thompson

"Nancy delivers the information with humor, insight and a degree of awe that is contagious to the kids as well as the parents. ...simple and eye-opening." more

Debora D. 
Workshop Parent 

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