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I am an AMAZING human being!
Workshop for Kids

All About BONES !

Kid-Friendly! t Creative t Non-Threatening
Simple Educational Projects t Enjoyable for All 
The human body is magnificent!
Come discover the wonders of being an AMAZING human being!


Down to the Bare Bones


Why do we have bones?

Are bones alive?

How many bones do you have?

Learn CooFacts ~ 

like the biggest bone, the smallest, the most useless bone & more!

Create a bone project.

Helps to remember, and teach others, what you learned. 


Each and every person should be able to look at themselves in the mirror and say
"I am an AMAZING human being!" and mean it! 

Have a question?  GREAT!!!
Email me. 
I will make sure to answer it at the Workshop!

Join me if you'd like to learn all about YOU~ Nancy


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More Topics on the WAY!
 * Stay Tuned *

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