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Simple Educational Projects
Enjoyable for All 
The human body is magnificent!
Come discover the wonders of being an AMAZING human being!


Learn lots of CooFacts!

Each and every person should be able to look at themselves in the mirror and say, 
"I am an AMAZING human being!"
and mean it! ~ Nancy


Sample Topics

Down to the Bare Bones - COMING SOON

Why do we have bones? Are bones alive? How many bones do we have?

What is the biggest bone, the smallest bone, the most useless bone?

Bone Project  

Spinal ‘Disc’overy 

What do our backbones do? Do our bones have bodies and disc’s? 

What happens if our spine is crooked? 

Spine Project

Meet the Mob 

Our blood has cells, cells and more cells. Dive deep to get a closer view. 

Learn about White Blood Cell ‘soldiers’ that fight for us and help keep us healthy. 

White Blood Cell Project

Have a Heart... and some blood too! 

Is our heart really the shape of a Valentine’s Heart? Why is blood so important? 

How does blood move around? What happens when we get cut? 

How much blood do we have? Where does blood come from? 

Blood Vessel Project

Hear ye, hear ye. Now Hear This!

Have you ever spun around until you were so dizzy you couldn't stand? 

What happens when you stop spinning? Are you still dizzy, or does the 

dizziness stop right away? How does sound travel? What does the Doctor 

see when they look in your ear? 

Ear Drum Project

Suck it up. Time to meet the Twins.

If our LUNGS can’t move by themselves, then how do we breathe?

Do we really need our lungs to talk? What happens when our diaphragm is spastic? 

(Uh, What is a diaphragm??)

Lung Project

Each workshop has a corresponding project.

Workshop topics build upon each other.

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