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Is Stress Destroying Your Quality of Life?


Do you feel paralyzed and unproductive?

 Has tension replaced joy?

Do you feel exhausted when you wake-up?

If you're dealing with work pressures, facing divorce, the sandwich generation of raising children and caring for elderly parents, or perhaps your child is struggling with schoolwork or being bullied, navigating the unrelenting demands of modern life creates anxiety. 

Stress and anxiety wreak havoc in your life. 

Are you currently holding it all together
with one bobby pin?

Join Our Stress Relief Seminar

Fatigue can make even small irritations feel like torture! 

  • Everyday stress compromises your ability to adapt.
  • You start to breakdown and burnout.
  • Often you don't notice the damage until something serious happens.
Live a more peaceful and productive life.

Incorporating the information, tools and techniques covered in this seminar will help you:

  • Understand your unique relationship with stress.
  • Demystify how it manifests in your body.
  • Discover the powerful Secret 2nd Brain.
  • Learn preventative and proactive ways of coping.
  • Ultimately decrease the impact that stress has on your body and your life. 

Reduce Stress  ~  Curtail Tension  ~  Lessen Anxiety  ~  Elevate Mood

 By learning and applying simple, readily available Self-Care Tools and Techniques 

Stress, Anxiety & Your Secret 2nd Brain

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Dates

60 Minute Presentation, PLUS Q&A

Self-Care Tools Guide
Includes BONUS Section specifically for Parents/Kids
Give yourself, and your loved ones, the Gift of understanding how to navigate stress!

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Tidbit from the Presentation F What Brain Freeze Teaches about Stress Reduction

"It was mind-boggling to see how our mind and body work together. The human body is THE most incredible machine. This program is worth every penny!" ~ Bill C.  


"The perfect combination of Science and Simple." ~ Angela A.

"You took all this confusing information and puzzled it together simply. It makes so much sense now." ~ Stacey S.

“Brilliant!” ~ Karen Mc.

“I love the kid section! So interesting and it actually works.” ~ Charlee L.

"Terrific! Nancy knows her stuff. Very helpful & informative. I learned quite a bit. Go, it's worthwhile!" ~ Maryann M. 

"Everybody should understand this information." ~ Leon W.