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What Ice Cream Brain Freeze can teach us about Stress Reduction

Brain freeze - we’ve all been subjected to the horrors. Irresistible Ice Cream should come with warning labels.


I’d like to use this shared human experience to help understand what I call the physical ‘framework’ we all have and can use to our advantage, IF we know how to pick the right ‘tool’s.’ 


On the roof of your mouth, towards the back of the throat by the uvula (that dangly looking ‘punching bag’) is the soft palate. It begins where the hard palate ends.

The hard palate, just behind your upper teeth, is bone and immobile. The soft is muscle fibers covered by a mucous membrane, and is mobile. You can feel it with your tongue, or if you’re careful not to gag yourself, your clean finger.

This area is in very close proximity to the base of the brain and many essential nerves.

Eating something that makes the tissue of the soft palate super cold, causes the brain and nerve temperature in that vicinity too also reduce… if/when the temperature gets excessively cold - WHAM = we get brain freeze = a.k.a. an instant migraine!


(FYI Placing your warm thumb on the soft palate eases the pain. The warmth brings the tissue/brain/nerve temperature back to normal/balance.)


How does this information help when it comes to reducing stress? (This is the human body stuff I love!!!)


What we know so far: The soft palate is accessible - we can impact it - it has an effect on the brain - it has an effect on nerves - if not cared for properly, it leads to pain… (Hold that thought.)


Now, let’s take a look at breath work. Particularly ‘OM’ chanting. (Yes… the yogi mantra that Frankie drives Grace mad with….)

When we OM properly, vibrations occur on the moveable tissues of the soft palate… and given the location, the base of the brain and those essential nerves! These vibrations work like a massage, soothing and calming the entire nervous system. Physically, mentally and emotionally!


Seriously, try it! As little as 5 OM breaths will create a shift in how our body and mind responds to stress. Not only will you reduce symptoms, you’ll enable yourself to navigate stress with more ease.


Teach everyone in your house! Better yet, teach two people beyond your house… Tell them to teach two… and so on. Before you know it, all around you there will be a buzz with OM chants and peacefulness. (If for no other reason, share it so your not the lone quirky yogi! Tongue out)

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