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Massage FAQ's

Massage Session

  • Arrive 10 minutes early to fill out the COVID Information & Consent and the Client Information Form or print them and have them ready when you get here.  
  • A few moments of privacy is allotted to allow disrobing. Wear comfortable clothing and remove jewelery prior to appointment. Don't risk leaving your valuables behind, or having to tackle those eighty-four buttons...
  • A towel is provided for coverage, as well as a sheet. Only the areas being worked on are uncovered. 
  • Treatments are tailored to the individual.
  • If anything is uncomfortable or uneasy for you - say something. I can read your muscles... not your mind.
  • Drink water following your treatment. Any toxins freed from tissues, are now roaming around your body... they need to be flushed out of your system, lest they settle back in. Water, coupled with bathroom visits, will assist this process. If you get a headache, you did not drink enough.

General Information

  • Hours: Please contact for availability.  
  • Cancellations: 24 hours notice would be appreciated. However, whatever the timing, if you develop a fever or any symptoms of illness please cancel.
  • Please arrive on time. Windows of availability are limited. If you are late, accommodating the full session may not be possible. 
  • InsuranceI do not accept insurance. Insurance providers normally do not cover massage therapy. That said, I can provide a receipts for treatments. You may submit to your insurance company, along with a doctors prescription, for possible reimbursement.