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National Bubble Bath Day

January 8, 2020 was NATIONAL BUBBLE BATH DAY!!


Who’d of thought there’d be an actual day set aside for Bubble Baths? Yet another perfectly timed fun Holiday!


We all know, winter blues come with Winter. A hot bath is a great way, not only to warm you up, but also to hydrate your skin, relax your muscles and your mind.


As a Massage Therapist we’re required to learn about Hydrotherapy, a.k.a the ‘water cure.’ Hydrotherapy is an alternative approach, involving the use of water for pain relief and treatment. Think water jets, whirlpools, hot tubs, jacuzzis, cold plunges and mineral baths... or moist heating pads, ice packs, steam rooms, sitz baths, foot baths… I could go on. The therapeutic uses of water dates back to ancient times.


But let’s get back to National Bubble Bath Day. What’s so great about a bath??

  • To start with, soaking stimulates your IMMUNE SYSTEM, thereby decreasing your chances of contracting a cold. Hot water opens pores and causes us to sweat, which is the body’s natural way of cleaning itself. In fact, the hotter your bath water, the more beneficial. (Make sure to check with your Doctor and exercise caution if you have High Blood Pressure.) 
  • If you’ve already been stricken with ills and chills, a bath can help relieve symptoms. The steam from the water opens and clears the nasal passages, reduces chest congestion, headaches and hopefully some of the misery. Just like with a fever (the body’s way of ‘burning off’ cooties), the elevated temperature helps fight off infections.
  • A hot bath INCREASES BLOOD CIRCULATION improving flow to ALL areas of the body, extremities included. It allows tissues to be refreshed quicker. Think about it ~ with less viscous (sticky/thick) blood and vessels functioning better (more open/relaxed), oxygen is better supplied to everything, including the Red Blood Cells. This happens because we breathe deeper and slower in a steamy bath.
  • This increased circulation aids and significantly speeds up MUSCLE RECOVERY. Tight, tired and sore muscles are soothed, flexibility is softened and/or restored, overall tension is eased and relaxation is fostered. (Try adding a cup or two of Epsom salts to your bath for added relief.)
  • All of these benefits lend to STRESS RELIEF. In addition to the merit of taking time away from the external influences that trigger and fuel stress, we shift the focus towards revitalizing and refreshing self-care. In as little as 15 minutes, a hot bath helps to calm the nervous system, reduce stress levels, lessen anxiety, and does wonders for overall mood.
  • Lastly, studies have found, taking a bath is a natural way to induce SLEEP. A hot bath gradually increases your body’s temperature, which then rapidly decreases once you are out. This sudden drop signals to your body to start producing MELATONIN, a hormone that triggers sleepiness.

 Scheduling time for a bath may seem like it should rate low in the priority ranks… but don’t negate it. The rewards are many.