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Stress Reduction Is Here

The Mind/Body Connection - a.k.a. Psychoneuroimmunology - is quite fascinating! 

Thoughts, feelings, and emotions play a HUGE part in our overall well-being. Indeed, positive emotions boost Immune System functioning and overall health. 

The body follows what is in the heart and mind.


The reverse is equally powerful. Memories retained in our tissues (not just the brain) affect our emotional experiences. 


The thinking brain follows the feeling and sensory brains:

When the body is feeling better, the brain will follow.


This is where the tools of my trade and my years of experience enter. 

Check out the Stress, Anxiety& Your Secret 2nd Brain Presentation

All muscles send messages to the brain. Your facial muscles included. (Think smile vs. frown.) 
Natural Facelift Massage addresses habitual pattern lines and restrictions, not only laying the foundation for you to look better - you FEEL BETTER too!

* CE's & Certification's

  • THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: The Mind-Body Connection Who Gets Sick and Who Stays Well  
  • Health-Related Benefits of Humor and Laughter
  • LISTENING TO THE BODY: Understanding the language of Stress-Related Symptoms 
  • Calming An Overactive Brain
  • Understanding and Treating Generalized Anxiety and Related Anxiety Disorders
  • 12 SELF-CARE SECRETS: Twelve Steps to Integrate Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Creating Healthy Boundaries
  • Staying Well - Naturally
  • Stress Reduction Through Bodywork
  • Anxiety & Massage 
  • Psychoneuroimmunology for Bodyworkers
  • The Mind/Body Connection
  • Relief Within Reach: Massage & Stress

Stress, Anxiety & Depression is a running class theme, for good reason. Bodywork techniques help!


(I’ve listed a few takeaways from: Stress Reduction Through Bodywork, Anxiety & Massage, and Relief Within Reach: Massage and Stress, etc. here.)

Psychoneuroimmunology is the science that investigates the Mind/Body/Immune System Connection. Memories live throughout our body, soft tissue, and immune system. This means, when we address the physical body, and bring it closer to balance and well-being, the mind will follow. More information on this can be found here > Our Body Stores Memories   

Having a foundational understanding of how negative experiences impact the body - AND how the body stores information that can, in turn, impact our mental and emotional health - offers a roadmap for bodyworker that can effectively reduce stress and anxiety.

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. ~ Robert Holden

“The marriage of body and mind happens through emotion. Emotional illness results when emotions don’t move and remain frozen within the body”

Alexander Lowen, an American psychotherapist and father of Bioenergetics