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Massage in a time of COVID-19

The reality is there is no Safe.
There is only Safer.

To help maximize safety for all, the following mandates are:

  • Review the updated Policies & ProceduresCOVID Information & Consent Form and research/links outlined in Blood Clots and COVID-19.
  • Call for 24-Hour Pre-Session Check-in/Update.
  • No-touch Temperature Check upon arrival. 
  • Wear Facemask for duration of session. (I will provide if you do not have.) (*Pillowcase cradle 'mask' option is available while face down.) 
  • Sanitize hands. (Alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be provided.)

Disinfecting Check List   Feel free to add to this list! 

  • Open screens/windows/doors and run fans for full air circulation. 
  • Remove all linens, face and bolster coverings, chair coverings, stretching straps, etc. for laundering
  • Disinfect all “high-touch” surfaces: Massage table, face cradle*, oil dispensers, handrails, banisters, door handles, light switches, pens/pencils, clipboards, chair arms/backs. (*Face cradle includes plactic covering for added hygiene.)
  • Deep clean bathroom before and after all sessions.
  • Shower and change clothing between clients. 
  • Set-up massage table for next session.

What You Can Expect From Me:
  • Screening and Safety Procedures. (Updated intake, 24-Hour Pre-check, Temperature check, Mask protocol, Hygiene, Follow-up, etc.)
  • Hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene. (Mask and Facesheild.)
  • No-Touch Temperature Check - mine, as well as yours. (100.4 F or 38 C would require rescheduling.)
  • Outdoor Massage Room. Fans situated to fully venilate area.  
  • Indoor Massage Room. 2 Air Purifiers: Oransi HEPA Air Purifier and Ionic Breeze Germicidal Protection Silent Air Purifier. 
  • Stringent disinfecting/cleaning/airing out: (Please feel free to add to this Check List!) 
  • Client Follow-up at one week, and then again at two weeks. If a risk of infection exposure reveals, you will be notified.
  • Updated research/studies from Massage/COVID-19 Safety Training sources, and AMTA to keep you educated and informed. Full disclosure is necessary for YOU to be able make the best informed decision about YOUR health.