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How I got into Massage and the Workshop

From time to time I get questioned as to how I got into Massage Therapy.

There are a few situations that impacted me, steering me to where I am now.

My first massage was in Florida in the late 80's. I was visiting my Mother after a very stressful work week. A true believer in massage, Mom wouldn’t even speak to me until I went for a massage myself. That moment opened a new world. I was hooked. When I came back to New York, I continued to get massages. During one of my sessions, the Therapist informed me that there was an Open House at her massage alma mater, The New Center for Wholistic Health and Research. I attended, and immediately registered.

Further back in my life, I remember this desire to learn about Anatomy and Physiology. As a child I had unusual 'opportunities.' My Father was an avid hunter, and I often helped butcher his catch. I was his assistant. Every step of the way, my Dad and I inspected and tested... muscles, bones, joints, look at how this moves that... and so on. Yes, there were times that I would have to walk away... but I would come back. These moments, allowed me to experience and discover what few people my age did. At the time, I wasn't aware of the impact these experiences had. 

Massage class itinerary was full time. Work was too. Looking back, I wonder how I made it through.

Upon graduation, I received my Certification in Massage Therapy. From there, I went on to take the N.Y.S. State Boards. (Passed first attempt. May be silly, but I am proud of that. It wasn't easy!) Becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist is still something I'm proud of.

My desire to learn did not end the day I became official. To this day, I continue taking classes.

I'm passionate about learning, whether through research, hands-on experience, (thank you to all my guinea pigs!) or continuing Education Classes - I am that inquiring mind that wants to know!

I love the human body... and I love to pass on the knowledge.  

For all the questions that have come my way, I have answered, or tried to answer, the best I could. Clear and simple. Sometimes with quirky stories, images and parallels.  If I didn't know, I just said so, or I found out.

In 2006, my passion for the human body came in handy for my son. He was in 4th Grade at the time. The Science Fair was approaching. He and his classmate were paired for a project about ‘The Human Body.’ Who did they come to for help? Me! Laughing What greater gift could a parent get, then to have your child ask you to teach them your passion?!

When the project was finished, they knew more about their bodies than many adults. We had so much fun! Their science project was a hit... and it got me thinking. Why not offer this type of Workshop for all kids?

This is how the I am an AMAZINhuman being! Workshop for Kids. came to be, and how the I am an AMAZINhuman being! Blog was birthed.

~ Nancy