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The shelter must get a zillions calls from new pet owners. All vying for assistance for one thing or another... this, however, was not one thing or another. This was life or death.

Toots was still throwing up from yesterday. They told me to bring her in for another visit at 2, but I can’t wait... Toots can’t wait. Besides I didn’t want a ‘doctor visit’, I wanted her to be on an IV and in the hospital. I picked up the phone and dialed. This last gasping episode has put me into ‘I’m going to jump through the phone’ mode.

Finally I had a human to talk to... I blurted all the information I could before the girl put me on hold as I knew she would. She returned after speaking to a doctor telling me to bring Toots in now. Thank You!!!!! Finally! I hate that you have to be an insane person to get someone to listen to you. I am sure they all hate me at this office anyway... I’ve only called them about 15 times in the last few days...

I got myself ready quickly. Toots watched me as I scurried around. I know she wanted to follow me, but was just to sick. Poor baby. I hope you are going to be okay.

She came to me when I called her. Still eager to please and happy to be wanted. I, of course, wanted her to go where she could get the help I know she needed... but I also and nervous about sending her away so soon and to the place where she got this illness in the first place. We don’t have a choice, she needs medical help.

As I walked her out the door I wondered how I was going to do this. Lucky Karen got the phone call. ‘Do you want me to go with you?’ ‘No, I just needed to talk before I leave.’ ‘Are you sure’ I know she has work to do. This is ridiculous I should be able to do this on my own... As I watched Toots choke and throw up on the front lawn, I started to cry. ‘I am just so upset for the dog...’ This is all too much on this poor animal, and our family. Karen wasn’t asking any more... ‘I’ll be right there!’

We drove together to the shelter. I cried practically the entire ride...especially when Toots threw up. I couldn’t wait to get there.

Toots was admitted right away. Karen and I waited in the lobby to see the doctor. I couldn’t focus on any conversation, all I wanted was to see what was happening with the dog. I could see her through the windowed rooms. The staff was putting in an IV. Not my favorite thing.

I could hear a dog crying... which I don’t think was Toots but it was driving me crazy thinking it was.

In the back of my head I thought of the class I was supposed to be running at this moment. How much has changed in the last few days. Funny how priorities shift.

Finally the doctor called us in. She was young. A different doctor from yesterday, or any of the other visits. She reiterated that Toots was being admitted and was already fitted with an IV. There was a question asked regarding symptoms... I don’t even remember what it was. All I remember is that when I opened my mouth to speak all I could do was cry. I feel horrible for this dog... All she wanted was a home. All my kids wanted was a pet to love. All I wanted was for everyone to be happy and at this point healthy. Now none of that is happening. And to further complicate my world - this dog, that I vowed never to get, has torn my heart up.

Karen sure got a show this afternoon. Surprise, surprise Nancy has a soft spot.

Toots is in ‘serious but stable condition.’ She is also in an oxygen tank to help her breathe. Sounds scary... but the good news is she is no longer throwing up and she has a good appetite. I feel in my core that she is going to be fine. Once she gets over this she should be good to go.

It is hard to remember that she is still just a puppy. She looks so big... but she is only 14 weeks. That is what is making this all so hard for her. She needs a little more time under her collar. Also, as the doctor pointed out she came from Tennessee, which is a long trip. We will never know what happened to her during that time. Right now we are just happy, and hoping, to be taken care of properly.