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Well I am sitting to write this for the 6th time. Somehow it deletes when I try to save it.

Hopefully I get it right this time... otherwise this computer is going to be renamed target and is going to the range.....

My first big blunder with the Internet was while paying bills on line. I paid my mortgage. That went fine until I tried to review what I did and repaid it a second time. Then when I tried to correct it... I paid it a third time!?#/*:( It was easy enough to correct. The hard part was getting a quiet moment without someone bugging me. That got easy real fast too. There was still lots of noise and yelling - however this time it was me. Needless to say, the room cleared rather quickly.

Here’s a funny little story.

My sister came over for dinner a few weeks back. Of course she had the kids as well. Charlee and Christine are Trouble together. (Notice the capital ‘T’) They decided to go downstairs to see Grandpa and mooch cookies. They do this all the time. This time, however, Grandpa was taking a shower and the girls had to wait. Unfortunately, they decided to wait in the bathroom. When Grandpa opened the shower curtain they - in unison - yelled ‘Boo!’ Much to Grandpa’s surprise there was a little blur of a person in his personal space. Grandpa yelled at her/them to get out of the bathroom. The girls did not want to hear that, since he had not yet given them their cookies! (If that was me I fear my cookie appetite would have been seriously altered....) They stood there firmly arguing for their cookies. It’s kind of hard to sound insistent if you continue to giggle uncontrollably. Finally, Grandpa yelled so loud that the girls ran upstairs.

I was out by the BBQ and heard the commotion. Trying to talk to these cackling mini-females was a joke. They kept laughing and insisted they were going back down to retry for the cookies. Explaining that Grandpa has a hinne and they saw it... More info. than I needed....

Grandpa sanctioned himself to the basement. He was so upset that this little person(s) got a free show. He needed time to think this out. First question... was that one child or two? It sounded like two?! Major blur issues - he wasn’t wearing glasses - and although he hasn’t had issues bearing it all for strange women - I fear this has wrecked his ‘two women in a shower fantasy’ for sure.....

Okay. Consider this your first issue. Kind of like a subscription to a magazine.

The way I figure it I can write our little life happenings, in this place we call home, and I can beam it out to everyone... at once. No repeating. I repeat myself enough in this house alone. No missing out due to lack of time or quiet moments.

This way you are updated and included. Should I get some strange desire to repeat myself (say... the kids have listened perfectly all day... and I find myself getting board...) I can always resend it a few times:)

Lots of Love !!!! ~ Nancy