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Workshop FAQ's

Workshop Basics
1 Hour & 15 Minutes - Approximately (Plus Q&A)
$45.00 - Introductory Price/Subject to Change (Includes Body Buddy)

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited. 

One registration form per child. 

Completed Registration form must be emailed to I.am.an.AMAZING.human.being@gmail.com 

What age are these Workshops appropriate for?:


Each workshop is designed to be Kid-Friendly. Geared for 9-13 year olds,* but anyone interested in learning about their body is welcome. Adults learn too! 

*  You know your child best. I’ve had 15 year olds attend and one particular 4 year old that stands out! However, if someone is genuinely scared of basic Halloween decorations, which also stands out, this may not be the workshop for them.

Why is a Body Buddy required?:


It is important for parents and/or guardians (a.k.a. Body Buddy) to know firsthand what your child is being taught, especially when it involves human anatomy. Questions may carryover to home and knowing exactly what was presented gives the best insight and enables addressing appropriately. As well, having a Body Buddy present enhances comfort, trust, and support during workshop projects, which will provide the most successful educational outcome. 

Body Buddy

This is not your typical workshop.
Attention: Mom's, Dad's, Grandma's, Grandpa's, Aunt's and/or Uncle's... 
This is a truly wonderful way to spend quality time with an AMAZING Kid!
Each workshop is a win-win opportunity to learn together! 


Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Text ~ 516-253-9377

Email ~ I.am.an.AMAZING.human.being@gmail.com


I am an AMAZINhuman being! 

I am an AMAZINhuman being! 

Positivity Zone:


I am an AMAZING human being! Workshop for Kids! is a positivity zone. The more we learn about ourselves and each other, the more proof we have that Every. Single. One. Of. Us. Is. AMAZING!

The goal is to not only make learning fun, but to build a sense of awe, respect, and confidence for human beings = YOU! 

About Nancy:


I graduated from The New Center for Wholistic Health Education and Research(now named the New York College of Health Professions), which continues to be a leader and pioneer in the field of Holistic health. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1991. 


Any information exchanged is educational in nature. These workshops are a combination of my professional education, experience, and downright passion. 

Continuing Education classes, books, research articles, as well as the many connections/conversations with doctors, chiropractors, optometrists, a forensic pathologist (one of my most gruesome favorites!), nurses, teachers, etc. have all added to these workshops. 

I will always do my best to provide the most accurate information possible.   

Mini Skeleton

Kid-Friendly ~ Creative ~ Non-Threatening
This said, we are learning about the human body.

Learning Aids Include, but Not Limited to

Handouts and/or Worksheets

Powerpoint Presentation

Images and Posters



Mini skeleton

Model of life size Skull with cervical vertebra

Skeletal model of a Hand

Skeletal model of a Foot

Skeletal model of a Knee Joint

Skeletal model of an Elbow Joint

Skeletal model of a full Arm/shoulder/hand

Bone (real) cut to view cross section, center & growth plates. 

Vertebra with examples of a normal disc versus bulging & herniated 

Model of a Lung

Model of a Heart

Model of an Eye

Model of an Ear

Model of Ear Bones

Model of a Torso showing internal organs


Much of what and how we learn, is in the presentation.  

Remove the fear, and desire to learn takes the lead.


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