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Massage Therapy

N.Y.S. L.M.T. License No. 005961-1
P.A. L.M.T. License No. MSG 011900


Current Prices ~ Subject to Change 
Hour Session - $100.00
1/2 Hour Session - $65.00
~ By Appointment Only ~

Cash, Check
or Credit Card accepted.
Please provide 24 hour notice for cancellations 

 *Please take a moment to review "Massage in a time of COVID-19."

 *Additional information found on the COVID-19 FAQ’s page.  

~ Treatments are Individually Tailored ~

Freedom from Pain Institute 
Myoskeletal Techniques
Posture & Pain Specialist 
Thai Massage Training
The Stretch Clinic
 The Stretching Process
Active/Assisted: Stretch with Assistance
Passive: The stretch is done for you 
PNF: Resistive Stretch ~ Tricks the muscle to achieve a stretch
Stretch Your Clients 
Restore - Re-Educate - Relax 
Myofacial Release 
Release muscle tension with movement, stretching 
& compression techniques.
 Sports Massage 
Specific treatment for sport related ailments
(Life is a Sport!)
Deep Tissue Massage 
Slow firm strokes work deep layers of muscle 
and fascia for drastic longer lasting change.
 W. Lowe's Functional Assessment 
Evaluation of Soft Tissue Disorders
 St. John Neuromuscular Therapy 
Trigger Point Therapy
(That 'knot' you feel between your neck and shoulder ~ that is a Trigger Point.)
Esperson Seminars of Continuing Education
Natural Facelift Massage  
Claudia Cuencos Meditations 
Reiki Ancient Healing Art
Reiki I - Attunements and Training   
 Upledger Institute CranioSacral Therapy 
Gentle, non-invasive technique that balances the CranioSacral pulse 
The New Center for Wholistic Health Education & Research 
Swedish/European Massage
Soothing, more superficial strokes that affect circulation & lymphatic's 
 The New Center for Wholistic Health Education & Research 
AMMA Therapy
Oriental form of Massage: balance's the body's energy by Accupressure points/Meridians 

"Completely pain free from one session!"
"Walked out of her office without needing the cane!"


 "Best Massage Ever!"
"Sonar in her fingers."
Have an issue? Bring it to the (Massage) Table!